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Service & Support

We help people create the life they want to live, with the people, places and things in it that matter the most to them

Service and Support Administrators, or SSAs, are the people at the Belmont County Board who link people with developmental disabilities to the supports they need and want in their lives.

We are guided by the philosophy of self-determination that gives people choice and control over their lives. Through person-centered planning, we help people with disabilities identify their strengths and the things that matter the most to them. We then work with our community partners to locate opportunities for them to realize their goals and ambitions.
Person-centered planning reveals the type of life the person with a developmental disability wants to lead. It identifies the things that are important to and important for the person. It is a vision of what life should be for him or her and is driven by respect for the person’s choices; belief in his or her abilities; and an unwavering commitment to his or her right to decide what life will look like.

The person-centered plan changes as often as necessary when new opportunities or challenges arise.
The SSA helps coordinate supports like transportation, day habilitation, residential and Family Support Services. The SSA monitors the supports to make sure they are of the highest quality and that people are satisfied. SSAs perform the following for each person they serve:

• Establish eligibility for services
• Assess needs
• Facilitate development of Individual Support Plans (ISP) and revisions
• Establish budgets
• Help people select provider(s) for their services
• Continually monitor the ISPs to make certain each person receives the supports identified in their plan and are satisfied with them
• 24-hour emergency pager system
• Maintain the Waiting List for residential services and inform people annually of their status on that list 

Supports that meet the basic, essential needs of the person are funded with public dollars through local, state and federal funding sources. The Board has a fiduciary responsibility to spend these dollars wisely and make certain that funds are used appropriately.
In addition to publicly-funded supports, unpaid, natural supports (family, friends and neighbors) and the general service system are pursued to broaden the range and scope of services needed by the person. Personal dollars are also used to expand and enhance services and supports.

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